Since the summer of 1967 the Church of Christ Student Center, also known as the Bible Chair, has served as a beacon on the hill at SWOSU in Weatherford. While many students have come and gone during those fifty years, the mission of this ministry remains the same: we want to help young people grow closer to God and place their identity in Him.

We offer several opportunities for spiritual growth, all of which are purposefully and prayerfully designed to enhance the college experience for those involved. If you are looking for a church home and a peer group that will love you and encourage you during these formative years...then you've come to the right place. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you get plugged in.

Opportunities to Grow

Each week we have separate Men's and Women's Bible studies, each led by one of our interns. From sharing personal testimonies, to digging deep into a specific book in God's Word, these studies have proven to be one of the best ways to get involved, grow your faith and deepen relationships.

One of the things that is hard to overlook about the life that Jesus lived while on this Earth is the simple fact that much of his day-to-day activities revolved around serving others in various ways. As Christians, we are called to be like Christ, which simply means that we are to be servants too. So, from serving at our local food bank to volunteering at a homeless shelter in OKC from time to time, we are ministry that actively seeks opportunities to serve others.

Since 2004, the Church of Christ Student Center has helped send over 100 students to more than 15 different countries around the world to share the gospel and serve others.

Life Groups are discipleship groups designed to allow opportunities for the young parents of our local congregation to be discipleship mentors to small groups of our college students. At the same time, it allows our college students to serve as mentors to their Life Groups leaders' children.

This is just pure, fun relationship building. One of our interns works really hard at providing fun opportunities for you to play around and have fun doing it.

Just one of our ways of serving our campus community, each Tuesday we feed about 120 students and faculty for FREE!

Just one of our ways of serving our campus community, each Tuesday we feed about 120 students and faculty for FREE!

Each September we head out to Lariat Creek Christian Camp to retreat from the distractions of the world and immerse ourselves in God. It's an amazing time of reflection, connection and fun.

You can have CONTROL or you can have GROWTH, but you can’t have BOTH.
— unknown

Do you know of an incoming Freshman or Transfer Student to SWOSU. If so, please open the form below and let us know about it. We'll do our best to get them involved.