Sunday Morning Adult Classes                       10:45am

  • A Maze of Grace- Class for young professionals and in-betweeners

  • New Beginnings- class attended by those raising young families

  • Parlor- Class for people in the prime of life

  • Classics- class for those enjoying retirement (or close to it!)

  • Owls- Class for those who have been there and done that


Wednesday Evening Adult Classes                   7:00pm

We offer a variety of classes for adults on Wednesday nights including textual studies, topical studies and cultural studies that equip adults to live more closely with Jesus, with his followers and the community of Weatherford.


Sunday Night Small Groups                                5:00pm

Small groups provide an opportunity for friendships to begin and relationships to go deeper through fellowship and conversations around living faithfully and growing in Christ. 

If you would like to get involved in a small group, please contact the church office at 580-772-3434.