Year of the Bible

In 2017, we are going to journey through the Bible together. Our desire is to know Jesus better and to live in tune with his self-disclosure and self-revelation found in the Bible. This will involve daily Bible readings, weekly videos and classes to aid in understanding the Bible, and special Sundays where guest speakers will help us dig deep into challenging themes from Scripture. We hope that you will join us on this journey and that you will grow in your relationship with God and his people.

Bible Readings

The daily reading plan, developed by The Bible Project invites you to engage with a few chapters of Scripture each day. It will also point you to the videos that correspond with the readings for each week.


Sometimes, the Bible can seem strange and confusing. The folks at The Bible Project have developed great videos to help Bible readers better understand the structure and story of each book in the Bible as well as some of the major themes that span the whole of Scripture. Watch these videos and you will find things get a little clearer and better connected as you read the Bible

Bible class curriculum

Each Sunday morning, we will discuss a key chapter from the readings of the previous week. If you are someone who likes to look ahead, you can download the Bible class curriculum that the adult Bible classes will be using for each week. These studies are adapted from the study guides found in the Serendipity Bible and at the InterVarsity Press Daily Bible Study site